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Rede App VP of customer success speaks about what to expect when running customer success

Today we bring on the show, RedE App's own Hannah Beasley.


As head of the customer success department, Hannah walks us through the important, unspoken facets of the role. How to read between the lines and identify how unspoken words by customers can mean more than what they actually tell us. 

Steve Benson - CEO of Badger Mapping

What are the current challenges faced by sales managers? In our latest episode, Amir speaks to Steve Benson, the CEO of Badger Mapping. 

Badger Maps is the #1 app for route planning and scheduling to help outside sales reps save up to 10 hours every week in busy work - so that you can focus on selling more.

Here we discuss the current economy, desperate competitors and how to train your sales managers to get over the hurdle of competitors offering extremely low prices. 

Matt Wolach - CEO and Founder of Xsellus

As a salesman with a big ego, Matt discovered he was never going to be as good as he wanted to be. He also found that training processes were inefficient and VPs of sales too busy. 

This is why he built a sales process audit system where he has helped hundreds of companies train their AEs which then train their SDRs. 

Listen in as we discuss the plight of organizations that hire based on boxes checked and don't verify AE experience. 

Itzik Bachar CCO of DragonTail Systems (A.I)

Ever wonder how Domino's Pizza can promise 30-minutes or your pizza is free? In this episode, we discuss with DragonTail CCO, Itzik Bachar the technology that backs up these promises. 

DragonTail uses Artificial intelligence to track drivers, increase productivity, and also see whether or not the person making your pizza is wearing gloves, scary!

We go in-depth to how this technology works and what is in store for the future of restaurants and delivery services.

How to Create a Successful Partner Program with PartnerStack founder and CEO

Bryn Jones was a well-known swimmer for the Canadian National Swim Team until he was diagnosed with pneumonia in 2011. After a period of looking for direction, he took up entrepreneurship and hasn't looked back since. 


In this episode of Cloud9, we speak to Bryn about the challenges faced by organizations looking to create successful partner programs and how a lack of support from executive teams is detrimental to the entire process. 


Great episode as we tackle the ins and outs of partner programs and what you need to be successful. 

Customer Experience with Ericsson Global Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Tabitha Dunn

On our latest podcast, our CEO, Amir Reiter speaks with Ericsson Global CCO, Tabitha Dunn. Tabitha discusses the past, present, and future of customer experience. 

Proposify CCO Connor Cox discusses Customer Renewals and Retentions for SaaS Companies

Today, CloudTask's CEO, Amir Reiter discusses with Proposify CCO Connor Cox what it means to be a chief customer officer today and how SaaS companies are adapting to current market changes. 

Customer Success and Customer Experience from a Technology Standpoint

Dragontail Systems CCO Itzik Bachar speaks about his experience and the importance of customers success and experience only this time from a technological standpoint. 

Customer Experience - Communication throughout Covid 19

Shep Hyken, a renowned Customer Experience Expert joins Amir Reiter, host of the Cloud9 Podcast. 

Customer Experience is different in crisis, both good and bad interactions are magnified. Getting the right blend of human and technology interaction is more important now than ever. We’re also witnessing an acceleration in video technology. When this is over many are wondering where the new equilibrium will reset.

Customer Success - Balancing Artificial and Human Intelligence

Jim Iyoob, a renowned Customer Experience Leader joins Amir Reiter, host of the Cloud9 Podcast.

Learn how the right balance of artificial intelligence and human intelligence within customer behavioral analysis will lead to the delivery of the right value proposition. Building attributes within this area can be a key differentiator in building customer success.

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