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Who Should Own the BDR Team? Marketing or Sales?

Hear from David Wilson, VP of Digital Analytics and Performance at 451 Agency, on who should own the BDR team, why and how you can see best results that increase your revenue.

How Contact Level Intent Data Allows You to Effectively Target Buyers

Hear from Ed Marsh, CRO of Intent Data, on how contact level intent data allows you to effectively target buyers with relevant messaging for ultimate success in your sales and marketing efforts.

Intent Data and Reviews: What They Can Do for Your Sales and Marketing

Hear from Clay Bentley, VP of Sales at G2 Crowd on what reviews and intent data can do for your sales and marketing team.

Account Based Marketing: Top Tips and Trends

Hear from Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder of Terminus, on what it takes to succeed in account-based marketing.

The Secret to Winning at Customer Success

Hear from Sirous Wadia, Director of Customer Success at Adobe, on what it takes to deliver world-class customer success.

The Sales and Marketing Trends in 2019

Hear from Shawn Finder, CEO of Autoklose, on some of the sales and marketing trends in 2019 and how they can help.

Is Customer Success the Answer to Lowering Churn in the SDR World?

Hear from Sally Duby, CSO of The Bridge Group, on how customer success can be used to reduce the huge churn in the SDR world.

Success in a Crowded Market: How to Stand Out

Hear from Lindsey Morando, Head of Marketing at Hello Bar and Subscribers, on what it takes to cut through the noise of the 2019 marketing landscape and really make your brand stand out.

Customer Service in 2019 and What the Future Holds

Hear from Michael Redbord, General Manager of the Service Hub at HubSpot, on the trends in customer service in 2019, what this means for you, and what the future holds.

The Key Traits of a Customer Success Leader

Hear from Nate Williams, from Swing search and Talent, and with years of experience in customer success, on what it takes to find great leaders.