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The future of Sales Development Representatives through the eyes of John Barrows, CEO at JB Sales Training.

It takes a very special skill set to learn how to play the politics of the corporate world. The SDR role will transition and adapt to the current remote needs we have been living in these past years.
Hear from Amir Reiter and John Barrows how sales has transformed and where will it go in the mid/long term. Everywhere from a development standpoint, to training and sales.
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How Redstage‘s E-Commerce platform succeded through a pandemic by aligning with the right clients

Redstage is a company that specializes in modernizing and supporting digital systems for B2B companies through end-to-end E-Commerce services. In our conversation with Hasan, he shared his insights on Redstages's success stories as well as their challenges faced when trying to execute those projects successfully.

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Top strategies to master building your B2B sales team with Jack Kosakowski CEO at Creation Agency.

Building an effective sales team is not easy. Most companies don't have a strategy when it comes to building their own, they just execute and learn as time goes on - but the problem with this approach in today's business world is that failure will always be there for you, ready (and waiting) at every turn! You need to be ready for whatever is on the way and if not have the capability of adapting as quickly as possible to those changes!

In this podcast, Jack shares with us his main challenges and key tips to build a successful B2B sales team. Listen, enjoy and share!

Hybrid Personalization and Automation to generate 200 demos per month with Gil Allouche from

Gil Allouche CEO of shares his tips on how to generate 200 demo requests per month by using hybrid personalization and automation campaigns.

How to create more sales conversations through digital sales training skills with Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez Jr.

Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez Jr. shares his digital transition strategy and how to get specific when designing an inbound and outbound digital sales cadence while prospecting to grow pipeline.

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CEO Emanuel Frauenlob, shares’s buyer centric strategy to engage with their target audience.

Emanuel Frauenlob, CEO of chats with us about optimizing sales transformation and understanding the importance of product market fit and targeting the right client. The results - unlock the potential of salespeople and help them to spark meaningful human connections to help companies grow.

Exponea, a leader in SaaS, increased deal sizes by 55 K per year by moving to a buyer centric approach.

CRO of Exponea, Scott Mcnabb, shares an example of how they changed the companies selling motion to a buyer-centric approach, using a dive, survive and thrive model, a process that helped them increase average deal sizes by $55K in Saas contracts and sped up deal cycles from 280 days, down to 113.

Story-selling: The secret to selling complex technology, as told by Dave Krauthamer, CEO of QuSecure

How do you take something complex and make it simple? Story-selling. That's what QuSecure did. At the seed of any entrepreneur or organization you've got to have great storytelling ability. Create a story around a complex technology and then use that story to close more deals.

Watch the episode where Dave Krauthamer, CEO of QuSecure tells us how.

How an ABM model can increase deal sizes by 25% - Darryll Praill, CRO at Vanilla Soft tells all!

We spoke to Darryll Praill from Vanilla Soft about how they weren't getting big enough deal sizes, the answer to which was to convert from an inbound-based to an ABM (account-based marketing) model. The result? A 25% increase in deal sizes.

Listen to the full episode to find out how Darryll achieved this.

How one company achieved predictable revenue growth with outbound outreach - Darius Santos, CRO at Dubb shares their story.

Hitting a 20% month over month growth and finding the right prospects, the right company size, the right persona, the right decision-maker - were all challenges for Dubb in 2020   

Watch the episode on how Dubb overcame these challenges and achieved phenomenal results!

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