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CEO Emanuel Frauenlob, shares’s buyer centric strategy to engage with their target audience.

Emanuel Frauenlob, CEO of chats with us about optimizing sales transformation and understanding the importance of product market fit and targeting the right client. The results - unlock the potential of salespeople and help them to spark meaningful human connections to help companies grow.

Exponea, a leader in SaaS, increased deal sizes by 55 K per year by moving to a buyer centric approach.

CRO of Exponea, Scott Mcnabb, shares an example of how they changed the companies selling motion to a buyer-centric approach, using a dive, survive and thrive model, a process that helped them increase average deal sizes by $55K in Saas contracts and sped up deal cycles from 280 days, down to 113.

Story-selling: The secret to selling complex technology, as told by Dave Krauthamer, CEO of QuSecure

How do you take something complex and make it simple? Story-selling. That's what QuSecure did. At the seed of any entrepreneur or organization you've got to have great storytelling ability. Create a story around a complex technology and then use that story to close more deals.

Watch the episode where Dave Krauthamer, CEO of QuSecure tells us how.

How an ABM model can increase deal sizes by 25% - Darryll Praill, CRO at Vanilla Soft tells all!

We spoke to Darryll Praill from Vanilla Soft about how they weren't getting big enough deal sizes, the answer to which was to convert from an inbound-based to an ABM (account-based marketing) model. The result? A 25% increase in deal sizes.

Listen to the full episode to find out how Darryll achieved this.

How one company achieved predictable revenue growth with outbound outreach - Darius Santos, CRO at Dubb shares their story.

Hitting a 20% month over month growth and finding the right prospects, the right company size, the right persona, the right decision-maker - were all challenges for Dubb in 2020   

Watch the episode on how Dubb overcame these challenges and achieved phenomenal results!

How Matthew Blosl, CRO of Experity launched a new product in 72 hours leading to 3X Pipeline growth

When the pandemic hit, Experity needed to find the best way to support their clients dealing with patients on the frontline. They were quick off the mark in providing a free solution to clients and prospects in their time of need which helped them triple their pipeline. 


Listen to the episode to learn how they did that!

Jake Dunlap CEO of Skaled highlights 3 trends for the future of sales

Jake Dunlap CEO at Skaled met with our CEO Amir Reiter to discuss sales transformation. In the conversation, they discussed three trends that sales teams will follow and what companies can do to support their sales leaders to succeed in the future of sales.

Mark Rogers, CRO at Impartner, how listening, understanding, and pivoting helped 2X revenue

In early March, Impartner immediately started to see deals slowing down and ASP go down, because of the uncertainty of COVID. Their traditional clients were not focused on closing deals any time soon, so Impartner needed to find new opportunities. They found a way forward that allied them to have the best Q4 in their history with almost double their previous record sales.

Audience Town achieved 300% revenue growth during a lockdown. CRO, John Peragine, shares how!

Like many companies in the real estate industry, Audience Town relied on in-person meetings as the main way to get new customers. But, because of lockdowns, they could not meet clients in person anymore. Even worse, their customers could not show available properties. Despite this challenge, they still managed to triple their revenue.
Listen to the episode to learn how.

How Reggora went from event-generated leads to a successful outbound outreach program.

Traditionally, Reggora generated the vast majority of its leads by attending industry conferences. But with lockdowns in place, they had to create a durable sales process for a market that was also trying to figure out how to become more virtually adapted. Despite their challenges, their pipeline grew almost 3.5x.
Listen to the full episode to learn how!
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