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The New Way Consumers Communicate

Hear from Billy Shaheen, CEO at Telesero, on the best ways and channels to meet your market.

Sales Is Changing… it´s time to transform

Hear from Ben Simms, VP of Commercial Client Services at MarketSource, on how sales today is in an exciting period of transformation. Buyers are now more informed and are further down the sales pipeline before they even speak to a sales person.

Funnel Optimization - How to Win in Sales

Hear from David Zeff, Head of Sales at, on how to optimize your sales funnel to generate more revenue.

How to Close a Million $ Deal on LinkedIn

Hear from Daniel Disney, a leading social selling and LinkedIn trainer, on how to generate leads that turn into large sales through LinkedIn. Even a million dollar sale!

Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Scaler

Hear from Dan Tyre, Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Scaler, on what it takes to win in business, start-ups and life.

Cold Calling and Prospecting Success

Hear from Aaron Browning, VP of Sales at FrontSpin, on some secrets and tips for prospecting and cold calling success.

How Inbound Creates Outbound

Hear from Alex Boyd, Founder and CEO of RevenueZen, on the changes in sales and marketing through the years, how inbound and outbound sales work together, and much more.

Expanding to New Markets - What It Takes

Hear from Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta, on what it takes to expand into new markets. Top tips, the challenges and more.

The Consistency of Sales Coaching and Process

Hear from David Masover, author, coach, speaker and adviser, on all things sales, about the power of coaching and process.

The Power of Texting in Sales

Hear from Chris Brisson, CEO and Co-founder of Salesmsg, on what text messaging in sales can do for you and your organization's bottom line.